Friday, December 2, 2011

My blogperience

My first post was in April 2010. Right from it, I have posted a few posts.
Mostly to keep logs of what I think and What I do and to find people with similar interest and also to quench the thirst of writing in public.

But sadly, its not upto my mark. I wanted my blog to be filled with a lot of visits, discussions, comments and to create a big public awareness and a meeting spot for cultural discussions, spiritual discussions and sometimes a hangout point for a bored youth. Too much eh?  Yeah...It should be....

But where is my blog now? Its just a nanomicron in the cloud.
What should I do to make my blog a hub?

1.Be thematic. But before that find what is my theme? It could be travel, It could be people etc. A blog should be a one stop for one particular thing
2.Be creative. In words, In design, In flow. Be Crisp.
3.Be-lieve that my blog can become popular because there are more people in the world looking out what they need.
4.Send links to as many as possible. Advertisement works. Cant rely on google all the time to direct to my blog.
5.Key words are the key.

Following these one can make a blog popular. The journey begins......

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