Thursday, April 21, 2011

Why this post?
May be becoz I got bored in this typical summer, sitting in Sriperumbudur, on a rolling chair with this monitor in front of me, typing this post, whereas in my hometown, Manampoondi, a riverside village near Thirukkovilur, following activities happen unnoticed:

School children enjoying the question paper tearing, book dumping, ink sprinkling and shouting ceremony on the last day of Annual Exams,

Thenpennai is totally dry with only the sand mafia bullock carts, (the only indifferent thing in any season), the long forgotten cricket bats are dusted up and brought back to action in many houses, and the agricultural fields in the outskirts are subjected to landscape maintanence work with suddenly sprouting unity among the group.

Power cuts in the scorching noon time makes the entire street and all its houses a playground for Hide n seek to the children who believes that they have got all the time till eternity (one and a half month hardly, coz schools will reopen in June, But the smell of new books and notebook, new uniforms and shoes, new pen... ahh.. that's another post) to play.

Moms pleading the boys to have lunch, Dads scolding them to read math tables.... (Oh Gosh.. My dad wanted me to recite 16table backwards... I remember wondering if its humanly possible, and till date the only thing I remember is sixteen sixteens are two fifty six)....

Time to explore the dark areas of the village, say the forbidden hill, the haunted white building near the railway track, the river underneath the steel bridge which is rumoured to have no bed at all etc.(what du think? The children are up one standard by next year... They are growing)

Time for travelling to relatives' houses and playing with cousins.... Time to explore other villages too... There may be a new girl in the neighbourhood of cousin's houses who also has to come to vacation..

Oh... Sorry... Boss calling....GTG.... Happy summer schoolkids... :-(

Monday, April 11, 2011

Why? Becoz.....

No… Please… Im not of that kind… I… Please don’t……No… No…..I don’t do that for that purpose…. Yes.. that purpose which you thought I was doing it for… Definitely not…. I even don’t know if I were of that kind… Put aside your biased and judgemental attitude for my sake for two seconds and then take a fresh look at me….

Im just a normal, simple, bored to the core, attention seeking human being…. Why I did that is to get some adventure… or may be to get accepted and appreciated… or may be to find new friends and like minded people… or just to get you think like me… or to make you wonder upon my brain and to make you want to be like me…or to make you guess what Im made of… or to make you think about me all the time… Why would I want to do that? Frankly I don’t know… Answer me frankly… Haven’t you ever done these? Seriously? Think twice and make sure that you are not God before answering in negative to the above.

Should I be making excuses of this kind and prove myself to be a good person?


Hey you, This is my demmed life…My brain… My action.. You get your *** out of it… I am not bothered about WTH you think about me…. Why should I? Who the hell are you to me? Being judgemental is your problem… Well… Get out.

Should I be like this?


Eh…Yes yes.. .Its like that… So wat?

This should be my answer?

Ok.. Whatever it is… The question was this: Why are you like this? Why you are doing that? That damn judgemental question…

I sometimes try to answer it in any of the above kind… Depending on my mood swing…. Mostly it will be of the third kind… But sometimes… First and second….

Is it even good to write this and disclose that I'm disturbed by wat u think about me? Is it good to use this Blogging, which is a public medium to this ugly purpose of getting myself better? Well… Yes.. It does good to me…. Why I would I bother what the **** it does to you??????

Beware of Indian Oil Petrol Bunks in Chennai City

This is what happened in one of the Indian Oil Petrol Bunk...
Ill share it and please don't get cheated... The bad thing is that you will never know that you got cheated...

I turned left to a filthy looking Indian Oil Petrol Bunk on the G.S.T Road on my way towards Villupuram (from Chennai). There were five pumping machines and I was sent to the last one... (though there was no one in the first four... O.K....... Bell 1)

I went near the pump and opened the cap of my petrol tank like an all good person and waited looking at the one holding the dispenser tube... Another employee of the petrol station (apparent from his uniform) came near and stood near the bike (why??....Bell 2)

"Sir... Cash or Card?" I just turned to look at the person asking and I missed the zero... I guess the system of petrol pumps in Indian Oil bunks is such that they dont automatically turn zero once you lift (or whatever) from its place...(I wish u understand what I mean... Sorry...poor vocabulary) It was asked in perfect timing... I argued and lost....lost the amount which was already displaying.....

So don't look at anything else till you see the zero...Keep looking at that tiny display like a moron and let them **** themselves.

This happened in the bunk near Kodambakkam Flyover also. From Kodambakkam to Maraimalai Nagar, this method of cheating in Indian oil Petrol Bunk is prevalent.