Monday, November 28, 2011


1.Travelling to my native makes me excited. But not with high decibel sound service show offs mourning their lost love in a public bus. Especially when there could be one or two with head aches or would be happily travelling to their own happy destinations, Vaazve maayam playing in that China handset makes me hell impatient. Why?

2. I visited a temple this weekend. Many happy children were playing along. One mother asked a child: He is also (pointing to another kid) of your age. Look at him. How dutiful and knowledged he is? Why couldnt you be so?

And then the mother came along in front of the God and knelt before him and took the Mangala haarathi and left with him quietly to take prasaadham.

Why parents compare and bring about inferiority complex?? Why couldnt they treat two lives equal? If they believe in the so called God, aren't all the lives his products? Can then the same so called God make a mistake? If answer is yes, why pray him?

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