Thursday, September 8, 2011

English and Sanskrit

There has been a Mahabharatha going on between people who argue that Sanskrit is an indigenous Indian Language, born and raised in India and those who argue that Greek, Latin and Sanskrt had a common source and the aryans who spoke that common source moved from central asia to NorthWestern Indian plains.

Im not going there because I dont know anything about that. But I was awestruck by the traces of similarity between English and Sanskrt. Ill post a few words. You add if you find any.

     English - Sanskrt
1. Three - Tri (Triguna, Triloka)
2.September - Saptami
3.October - Ashtami                      Though these are not exactly the 7th,8th,9th or 10th month
4.Novemeber - Navami                        there must sure be a story behind it.
5.December - Dasami
6.Antonyms prefixing the sound 'a' - symmetrical  X Assymetrical; Neeti X Aneeti (U can build many like 
7.Dental (Something related to tooth) - Dantha (Ekadantha-ganapathy where tusk is nothing but tooth)
8. Centre - Kendra (In English C is sometimes pronounced as K rite? Try it that way)

Ill keep editing and posting more when it occurs.
You can also add in comments.

But why all these? Coz Im just curious......

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