Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What do you want to do?

This is a thought process captured in the form of words. This post is not intended to entertain the reader. It is just verbo-pshyco-gram of my mind.

This is a question which I'm asking myself at the present moment than writing it as a serious blogpost.

Things have come to a particular state ( Or have I brought it to this state, considering the saying that theedhum nandrum pirar thara vaara?) that I am at the verge of making a decision as to what to do in the next five years or ten years or even for the entire life ahead of me?

And this decision making has become extremely difficult because it is impossible for me to think further to a certain point. It seems to me that my society is revolving around a madness.

Madness because we forget that we are gonna die in near future and we still do all sort of nonsense;

Madness because of the fact that even if we are alive for another million million years with the help of rubber heart and sythetic blood and steel bones the sun will become a damn black hole; Even when you go for synthetic food to escape from non-photosynthetic earth, the sun will engulf earth when it becomes a red giant;

Madness because we forget the fact that all human beings are physically a mix of C, H, O, N derived out of very soil fromt the crust of the earth, engulfing some little mysterious thing;

Madness because there will be no petroleum in near future and we still discuss about mileage;

Madness because we forget that no matter what you do, the world will be the same at the emotional level; Bcoz Edison's bulb has not made human race happy altogether;

Madness because we forget that no matter wherever we go, we will be surrounded by people who irritate us and its upto us to handle it and they have nothing to do with it;

Madness because we forget the damn fact that no matter what we do for a living, its ultimately all about food & Shelter; coz life still existed in Stone age; And all other things are unnecessary?
Tell me what to do in the next five or ten years or for that matter, the entire life ahead considering the above.

Oh...Its confusing.........

Trying to answer to the above,

If I fix my aim as becoming a CFO or even MD of any company, what good does it do to me? Still I eat the same and all others things than simple food and simple shelter are luxuries or rather unnecesaries.

Ok, I forget me and fix the aim as raising a good son or daughter, I live for him/her, what good he/she is going to do? Its still the same in this huge lump of madness. I'm not sure if he/she will be able to realize it as madness and get lost in its charm.... of fighting between one another for superiority, of trying to be so called successful by joining in good colleges and good courses, of comparing between their friends and colleagues to determine superiority, which is all nothing but super madness, coz superiors and successful people dont eat gold....

And if its all about eating what if I quit everything and go to a damn forest and live by eating fruits and roots?? Sounds good but what good I do to the society? Nothing....But surely Im no hindrance Im happy with that.... I dont take part in deforestation, pollution, and I dont take part in depletion of Ozone, I dont take part in the above madness, I dont disturb any damn life. Even if I die of hunger, I die clean and happy.
But unfortunately I cannot fix this as aim;

So what to do?????????????? The only thing to do now is to stay clean even in this crowd of madness. But its pulling down........... Needs more practice and patience.

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