Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Is that just another day? The April 8th 1986?????

My grandma (mom's mom) was dead when my mom was six months pregnant. So my mom was sent to Trichy to her elder sister's house, who obviously took charge of the midwife post.
I, who did not know (till now) where from I came to my mom's womb, who did not know anything happening in the outside world, was silently awaiting the D-Day.

The D-Day came and it happened to be my birthday. 8th April 1986 in Srirangam, a temple town in Trichy.... I was born (so was I told)....

Today is 5th May 2011 9:30AM Sriperumbudur..... There was ample time between these two singularly peculiar dots on the eternal timeline.... yes... I guess its eternal even to me....

What did I do in all these time? To put frankly, nothing. I just lived (Thank god, I did something atleast). Like any other living thing (I didnt use the word human)....

I lived... I took some food, grew, went to school, tried to learn something about the world around me sought all sort of happiness, and kept doing it over and over....(I dont remember asking why I was sent to school... All children of my age were going to school.... If I didnt go, that wud ruin my life... I will not have the material advantages like others... I will be an odd man out... My mom and dad did not either asked the question... why should a child be sent to school? Why? Seeking the answer to that one logical question wud have given answers to many unanswered questions which followed....But no one did.... Neither did I)

At the same time in a remote jungle in some remotest part of India, was born a monkey (on the same D-Day).... It was not sent to shcool... It was taught by its mom and dad and friends how to jump and climb... How to do whatever it is supposed to do... It ate, grew, sought all sort of happiness.

Lets take these two living things and compare:

Me on one side and the good monkey on the other side. We both know to eat, grow and seek happiness. So whats the difference?

Monkey is subject to no ethics....Is that good? Monkey knows no good and bad...There is no feeling called guilty in its life... or is there any feeling at all? It can steal from any house for its food... whereas my food is attained thru dharmic means... I was subject to rights and wrongs... Why? Why is there a difference between two living things? No Ill reframe my question. Why is there a difference between all living things and human beings? Why humans are subject to ethics? Who brought about these differences? What good does it make to mankind? What if I go to no job and roam like a hermit and steal and eat wherever I find food and spend my days living a life which would be no different from what Im doing now?? What if everyone does that?

Ok that apart... Does the attainment of ethical resources to attain ethical pleasure does any good to me? Should I continue doing that so that some point of time Ill go to heaven, the very existence of which Im not sure about.

Why????? Well now what's the link between the topic and this content? I was born. What extra did I do when compared to the Monkey. In what way does human life differ from that of any other living thing? Are ethics the only difference? If so what's the use of ethics? I literally didnt know the answer. But there must be something more. I was not born on to die like that monkey does. There must be a HUGE difference between the D-Day and the day I finally close my eyes. Im trying to work on that. I think I confused enough.

Now its time to Jump and climb... C ya..

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