Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My dear loveable Byki

Physical features: 2 wheel like things, decorated with mud and dust, runs like a katta vandi, No rear view mirrors, No head light (thanks to the rain water which went in it and broke the hot bulb), indicator sucks, brake screeches when disturbed.....

But still I love you bcoz...
1. You never stops respecting me... Whatever I say you just accept and do... When I ask you to go left you never argue and silently do so... Ultimate unconditional respect which I deserve....
2.You never complain. Does not demand anything except the combustible food which U like sooooo much.. After all something for my love despite the surging food prices.
3.Ten days I didnt even cared about you... U were parked in a corner...On the eleventh day when I ignited you, the headlights which I forgot to put off glows happily though it was day time.... Arey my dear bikey... U must have been thinking of me all the time... How could you remember what I told you to do ten days back and you do it when I come back to you forgetting what I told?
4.You deeply understand my preferences. You never turn me down when Im in need... Never gets punctured when Im late to office and takes me at jet speed... Most of the time you got punctured, I found a workshop in less than half a Km.... How thoughtful of U...To get sick and give me the least and happy trouble...
5.Be it 30 Km, slow and romantic riding on a blissful orange evening or 80+ thrilling adventurous ride in the morning hours... Vow... Full co-operation... How can you switch your moods according to mine?? Damn interesting know....
6.4th gear is always 4th... It never becomes 3rd or 2nd... Mean to say.. You never change... Always all the same... I mean the rulez...I know the rulez and so you... So if anything happens wrong its always me who is wrong, I know that for sure... I can always bounce back to you and still expect 4th gear to work in the same way as it was before the mishap...
7.Hill or forest, Nite or Day, Tired or relaxed, you dont mind coming with me, whenver I call, without a word.. Oh.. U trust me soooo much that I would not let you down in any case? Or is it the Love on me and the excitement you get when being with me??? You are never bored...
8,9,10. Counts dont matter to you and you dont know mathematics... All you know is me... me.. me...
Thank you bikey.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Women of different countries

Imagine this (applies only to men):
Some filthy crowded 'exclusively-for-shopping' road on a dull evening (If u are a Chennaite, just imagine North Usman road on a Saturday evening)... U are roaming and doing some discretionary shopping with one of your coolest friend. Suddenly you see something very attractive such that you would not believe yourself to be alive if you had ever missed that sight. Your eyes and brain and nervous system says it is a woman. But your heart refuses to believe. You keep look(wonder)ing at the beautiful alien (ur heart says so), with jaws almost touching the ground. You are utterly convinced that she is not of your world. 

The way she walks/stands/talk to her frnd (who is obviously beautiful too, at whom your coolest friend whom u just then forgot, is ogling at)/ the way she presents herself to the outside environment etc., stirs your brain and ultimately your white matter and gray matter mixes to form a peculiar substance. You think she is an embodiment of everything good under the sun (and the moon). You come home and still keep thinking what makes that creature so beautiful. What does she eat, how does she think, her value system, what's her favorite sport, what kinda music she loves, religion etc. But eventually you forget her because she is not near you and there cannot be anything you can do to see her again.

This has happened to me n number of times. I am literally shameless to admit this.
Why I'm telling all these? Coz thats how a beautiful woman of any country stirs the men of their countries... She just breathes and he falls for her silently...

A women is an interesting living being with same Oxygen in and Carbon-di-oxide out mechanism of respiration.. Modern theories say that men and women think different. Whatever the differences are, men are still attracted to them. If a woman who is out of a man's local communal network is so attractive how about women abroad? Let me put my visualization of women from other countries:

All my thoughts mentioned hereunder are subject to individual perception and perception purely depends on the nature of the reader. Nothing is intended to hurt anyone from any country on Planet earth (Planet Venus specifically included). Every country has a mix of different types of women (thats a different post). But the types shown in the media often goes to my system. Our discussion range is like this: An average woman with age of 20-25, with a fairly decent job, unmarried and single, waiting for Mr.Right.

USA: The super-developed nation, claiming to be the leader of the world. 
The women are exceedingly smart and fast. Everything in her brain happens very fast. Right from falling in love to the break-up or divorce as the case may be. She is attractive with pupil and hair color anything but black, slim, tall with slender limbs enjoying almost equal freedom as the men of that country. Thinks at freewill, (Probably one of the reasons of divorces shooting up), Friendly at the outset, Easily approachable when compared to women of other countries.
Position: Supermodel who cannot be tested.

Europe: The cradle of Industrialization
Shares most of the characteristics of USA women but constrained by the social manners. Kinder and learned than the previous one.
Position: Supermodel who passes the test for a future mother.

South Asia: The cradle of Civilization
Women are petite, simple in appearance when compared to those of the West, Very complex and mostly slow and strong in decision making when it comes to relationships, constrained by religion, manners, customs and culture. Very beautiful (sometimes face veiled), Difficult to approach, as kind as a Goddess, patient till you behave.
Position: Supermother

African: Strong and hard gals, Born tough, easy to get, cow girlish
Position: Rebel

Australian: ????????????????????
By the word counties in my title, I meant the countries of the future.

I started off with good tempo. But later while typing I started realizing that everywhere women share mostly similar characteristics irrespective of continents or even to say planets. ;-)
In a normal sample there will always be an angel, a cow girl, a universal super mother, a typical average simple easy going girl with no big secrets in life (my kind), a born fighter etc. I love varieties. Women are the most interesting creation of Universe.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Our visit to Talakona, Andhra Pradesh

After giving a long break to the adventurer inside, we decided to go on a trip to Talakona, a place near Tirupati, with waterfalls, hills and forests, approximately 60 Km from Tirupati. It was Saturday, 18th December 2010. This year the monsoon was heavy in Tamilnadu with Jal cyclone and other 7 depressions in the Bay of Bengal destroying many crops (Yeah I know that this point is least relevant to our visit to Talakona, But in future, i.e, in 2100, my blog will be referred when some student of Geography wants to study the rain in Tamilnadu in past days).

When we started at 9:00 PM, it was already fogging. We stopped at Anna Nagar at our usual petrol bunk to fill our tanks for the long journey ahead. When we reached the Madhavaram roundtana it was already 10 PM. From there the road was dark, foggy and traffic free. When we turned left towards puttur, the road ahead was comparitively narrow and worn out with many small pits. It was very difficult to ride thru. Once we entered into Andhra pradesh border the road was smooth. After cursing the TN Govt, we went ahead and reached Puttur and then took a road which reached the By pass. It was already 1 AM Sunday. Then we crossed Alivelu Mangapuram and without turning right went strait ahead (knowing that we are diverted from the Tirupati road at this point, I was afraid if Lord Venkat will be angry for not visiting him, having come this long). After riding for another half an hour we reached a point which showed almost 50 Km to the destination. We turned right from the main road to which was alomst like a village road..
(Have u ever had this feeling when travelling on main roads in bus sitting on window side gazing at the sunbathing earth? Like... There will be many small roads starting from the main road in the right and left... That road looks like it leads to a village... with farms on both sides... Trees here and there...You want to break your journey and go thru that solitary road and find where it leads to... what kind of people live there? what are their daily activities? How is social life in that place? What does ppl there say to each other? I know how a typical Indian village will be... But still I wanted to see more of it...I always wanted to... I know Ill do that whenever chance cast...)

That village road took us thru farms, warm and cozy huts here and there with some light burning inside (at 2 am), thru dangerously invisible wells even with ground level, thru sleeping cows and buffaloes... (aah.. cows... gifted creaturs... There will always be someone to take care of it... to feed it.. to bath it... to love it... it need not go to school or office in the very morning, can go to the tasty pastures and spend time with the loveable bull.. graze.. sit in a shade and enjoy the sun in the noon...)

We rode thru the storehouses and granaries, in that cold foggy night... Everyone and everything around us was wrapped in sleep.. Only we were riding thru... And the sound of our bikes are the only disturbance to that very stillness... I had never experienced a cold nite like that before.. Since I was riding bike the cold wind blew thru my chest.. And I was shivering from head to foot.. Just then I thought of my blanket at my room... How blissful it wud have been if I were in my room... But then room is just an eight cornered space and earth as a whole is a sphere (no corners).. So I was happy again for venturing this trip..

A board on the road shone in the lights reading "Ghat section begins"

Then we realized that we were already travelling thru a road cut out of hills on one side and pitch black seemingly uninhabitable forest on the other side.. At this part of the road there was no sign of human activity except the boards and the road cut of the old hills.. Everything else around us was the same natural earth as existed at the time of the formation.... In an instant I felt like modernised Adam (But No Eve anywhere around)..

Suddenly we saw a board with Panther painted on a steel board.. Below that something was written in telugu... We could not make head or tail of it.. But the board with panther roaring in that darkness amongst hills on one side and woods on the other added by no sight of human acitivity, were enough for the three of us to pull our accelerators... I was very sure that even if some panther shows up out of the woods, we 3 were left alone to either fight or run(ride).. Coz make a circle around us with a radius of 5 Km, there could not be a single human being...Thank God nothing came up for quite a long time... Then some form appeared out of the darkness which looked almost like a human.. When we went nearer we confirmed it is... Santo, the telugu vadu asked him whether we were heading on the correct road? We proceeded after the confirmation..

An hour thru that maddening chillness lead us to a small village...Atlast we were relived that we were travelling thru the right direction... Since it was an Eco-tourism project many ppl in that area was dependent on travellers like us for their living..There was a small wayside tea shop.. The time was 4 am.. The hot kerosene pumping stove at the tea shop was heavenly in that 15 degree cold... All our fingers were numb due to continuous driving and the temperature...The shopkeeper warned us not to go into the forests as there are spirits wandering.. (Nothing could make me happier)...To put it simply he asked us not to wag our tails... As always we were tempted to do that...

He told another 15-16 Km to the destination.. We started from there and from then on the road was like a lane.. Now we could spot many huts and already the day started to break in though it was only 4:30... Many ppl started cooking outside..We rode along enjoying the morning activity of the villagers and atlast after an hour we reached the destination.. It was around 6 and dawn..

Awesome place.. Worth the tiring journey... Not knowing what lays inside, we entered an elephant arched entrance... There..we were welcomed by the sound of a slow and peaceful stream.. flowing from the hills.. To the left we found small cottages.. It was 200% worth a honeymoon spot...  There were jungle huts, Canopy walk into the jungle, sight seeing, fishing arrangements made by AP tourism...On enquiry we were informed that all the cottages were already booked... So we just came out and went forward.. (till now we didnt find any sign of waterfalls)..
Canopy Walk

After a five minute ride we atlast came to a place where we cant ride the bike further... The road ended abruptly at a temple.. We parked there, went around to take a look at the place.. After the tiringly lonely journey all thru the forest and hills all along the nite, some people, shops and morning activity brought us back into 2010's seemingly socialized world...(Not knowing whether Im happy or disturbed by the socialization, I waited to see what lays ahead for the day)..  On to the right, there was a long and huge hill the peak of which we couldnt see.. lush green with dense vegetation... A road was apparently visible on the hills which promised without saying that its the road to the waterfalls...

"Venkateshwara Park", written in steel on the invitingly half open steel gate, was guarded by a two three guards sitting by its side.. We bought bike tokens and the gate made a screech when we were let in... We went thru steep valley on one side and high hill on the other... Taking snaps here and there... That 1 Km scenic ride is unforgettable... (Please experience it once)...  

The  Scenic Valley Road
We parked the bike and started walking.. All the way thru uphill, a stream followed us in the valley...

The following Stream
Its obviously the water from the falls.. It looked cool and fresh... After five minutes uphill we saw that sight of waterfalls at a distance.. Vow.. Yeah... etc sounds were uttered and we walked faster... When we went near we could guess the force of water.. Ooooh... Immense... Couldnt stand at a distance...Tiny water droplets made a chill pricking shower even at a distance.. Breathing became short and difficult... When we went below the heavy strand of water.. oooh... It almost pierced us... But the feel was so good...
Full view of the falls

Water was very cold and it almost freezed... After playing in water for almost 20 mins we went down to the small falls below... That was not very adventurous but for the natural pool formed there.. From here the stream started... A few girls were there and we showed off our skills... Then landed ashore...

Way back was very tiring but comparitively a short journey... We reached chennai at 7 PM Sunday...

The Adventurous Trio

Meet you with my next thought...