Friday, March 10, 2017



There is one thing which wraps up this world way better than the sky does and it is called uncertainty. Well, not only the world, it wraps up the universe as a whole. Million heavenly bodies collide each other every second, and those collisions are not willful. It is the same level of uncertainty that rules our personal lives as well. All the things you hold near and dear….I don’t want to complete the sentence.

No one knows what will happen next, which only means the probability of anything bad happening is 0.5 i.e., whatever you do, you cannot be happy all the time. Whatever ever ever ever you do.

You got to be scared half the time about the future. People will say “live this moment”. It only means you are asked to be lazy or irresponsible. Lazy to think about the vast expanse of uncertainty that surrounds you. If you are cognitive of this uncertainty, you will want to break open this box in which you are in. Uncertainty says, it’s my way or highway. If you are stuck up, you got to pass thru the crest and trough of the uncertainty wave and if you don’t want to get stuck up, you stay afloat peacefully. I wanna be the second type. But that does not mean “no action”. Being in the action and getting over of the fear which uncertainty throws at you is the game of life.

Written at Colombo on 10/3/17 23:49

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