Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sandhyavandhanam - Meaning & Science

Everywhere and anywhere Sandhyavandhanam has been treated as the most primal and important duties of a Sadhaka. Its now techno world and things move superfast right from sunrise to sundown. There are people who ask where do we have time in this running race to do Sandhyavandhanam. Even I was too of that category previously. But I had always been wanting to know what it really means to do sandhyavandanam. I was always of the kind, who does not accept anything without a logical explanation behind it, will not recite any sloka or verse without knowing the meaning of it. I thought it was absurd to utter just sounds. But I was doing Sandhyavandhana only bcoz my dad used to compel me in doing and I will do it as a prayer, assuming that it will do something good for me.

Recent days, I can say that there is certain evolution in my thought process and one day I happened to buy a book "Yajur Veda thrikala sandhyavandhanam Madhwa Sampradayam", for just Rs.8, to see what was REALLY inside it.

When I went thru the verses, I can understand the impact that Sandhyavandanam can make on a Human being doing it regularly thrice a day.

Imagine a Sadhaka taking bath in the riverside in the early morning at the time of sunrise, looking towards the orange east, and doing these practices, thrice. Vow... Now I decided to put the word by word meaning of YAJUR VEDA PRATHA KALA SANDHYAVANDHANA and also the science behind these practices. Im going to contact a Guru and translate it into English and will be posting it soon here. Keep counting and meanwhile if you can help me in this please leave a comment with your mail id.

Let our evolution not stop.

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