Friday, August 26, 2011

Korean Language Training

Hyundai is a South-Korean company and being its employee for almost two years made me eligible for learning Korean language for free.
Ill post a few sentences and their meaning:

Annyong Hashimnikka - For good morning, good afternoon and general wishing.
Annyong                     - Hello!
Sillyehamnida              - Excuse me
Gamsa Hamnida         - Thank you.
Byol Mal Shimilyo       - Please Dont Mention
Mianhamnida              - Sorry
Gwenchanayo             - Its Alright.
Hwajangshil                - Toilet
Yeocha                      - Female
Namcha                     - Male
Gom                          - Bear

Vow... I still can make many words. Good. And also a rhyme (Ill upload the video later)

Gomsemari ga hanchipe ithso
oppa gom omma gom aegi gom
oppa gom e tun tun hae
omma gom e nal shin hae
aegi gom e nomu kiyowo
issu issu chal handa....

And we were asked to dance like KG children.
I totally enjoyed the Korean language. And you know what.... Koreans gift soap and tissue paper for House warming function and they keep their floor warm to fight the cold winter.
I noticed many similarities between the South Indian and Korean Culture too.

Koreans are very humble, noble people. They give more attention in their language to show respect/kindness and they ensure that the words are not rude.

I guess its easy for a South Indian to get along with Koreans....
And the point is, I stood first in my class of... of.... 8 people (No. Its not 1 and the credit goes to the outstanding student who suddenly quit)

Bebkesseumnida (See you)

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