Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Big T of Software India - A Super Comedy Piece

Ha Ha Ha... I was rolling on the floor laughing when I heard this from a very close reliable source.

There is a so called professionally managed software company in India and I name it the Big T for ease of reference. Many ppl join it to experience certainty.

They introduced dress code on third day of the training session.
And when this reliable source told me the happenings that day, I was like WWwwwaaatttttt????

Some Indian women are very fond of flowers. Decorating their hair with flowers is a custom in South India.
On Festivals and on other auspicious days, they decorate it with flowers and it looks so good on them.
Sometimes they feel good with the flowers too. Some flash of happiness and we all know our women.

Ok. So now what is the problem with this Big T HR guyz, asking women not to wear flowers? Isnt it a customary right for them to wear flowers. I am of the opinion that they spoil the culture in the name of professional dress code. There is no point in boasting as an employee friendly company when they go on damaging the culture. And also the usage of the words, "In North India, we wont do like this (wearing flowers)", is more like colonialization of South India by the Big T.... No dont get me wrong. I am not trying to kindle a war against my Utthar Brothers.

Is this the way a HR speaks? Arent they supposed to respect the culture and give their personal freedom.
When I first heard this, I was both laughing and raged. They try to look more professional, but for some logical minds, they look like cartoons.

And to add, the training session starts at 7:00 AM (DDDaaammmnnnn sharp) and you can very well assume that there will be a break for the very basic need. I meant the breakfast. Those Hifi HUMAN resource guyz of the Big T breaks the training session at 11:00 AM. Is it right??? Its name suggests that it is BREAKtheFAST. May be they think that just becoz they gave job to these HUMANs, they will become machines and the role of HR is only with HUMANS..... U r literal Crap Big T.... Certainly there is no certainty.... Shame on your organization... Hope the message reaches.....

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