Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Weird Dream

I had this weird dream earlier this morning.

I was standing on a raised platform built of wood. My platform is the tallest. Below me were my friends unidentified. In front of the platform is a vacant place. The whole set up looked like a natural stadium of square shape and this platform on which I was standing, form one side of the boundary. I was chatting with my friends and suddenly I notice one damn damn huge snake. Black in color. I don't know whether its a cobra or something else. But it was so thick and long. Suddenly it came near to our platform. My friends feared it. I also feared it but since I was on the tallest platform I was damn confident (in my dream) that it wont bite me. The snake stood there and watched me closely sparing my friends. It did not bite them. Then there was a break in the dream. Suddenly I was walking on a roof, near to that wooden platform (or attached, I didn't know).

The snake followed me and was standing below at a distance. Even then I was not afraid since I was standing on a roof. The snake started spitting its venom through its mouth. At that time my close friend was with me. The snake spat the venom on us both like a shower. It didn't do anything to me ( the dream didn't tell me what happened to my friend). I turned my face and avoided the venom being spat on my face. There was too much venom all over my head and some went into my mouth as well. After that it occurred to me (in the dream) that it must be urine. I don't know how the snake can spit urine thru the mouth. What does this dream signify?

Can anyone interpret? I'm just writing this here to keep track of my dream and to share it with you ppl....

(deeply into analysis of human mind)

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