Tuesday, June 29, 2010

15 crazy effets of XX chromosomes and Oestrogens

 1.  You want to know what is Chaos... keenly observe the thought process of a woman.
 2.  The peak of indesiciveness resulting out of love on fellow beingS (S caps).
 3.  Trivial is BIG. Big is BBBBIIIIIGGGGGG and BBBBIIIIGGGG is.... Sorry Google's blogger is a free service and doesnt support that much memory....
 4.  Sometimes they are very artificial... Sometimes they are very very natural...Interesting part is Sometimes they are artificially natural and naturally artificial....What is even more interesting is you can't find the difference in any of these situations...
 5.  Make a woman dumb is the best way to kill her very quickly.
 6.  Start linking the present events and project them a little into future.... Men can do it in 10 ways... Women will do it in 10 power 10 ways.
 7.  Blood is oozing out of his heart and he is about to die in another five mins.  He calls for his wife, who just returned, for a last meeting before the poor guy leaves to heaven (of course!!)... And the most feministic reply which came out of her sweet and delicate mouth is: " Can't you see I'm tired? You don't understand my feelings. You are very demanding and you don't love me anymore, you are very selfish".... The poor guy closes his eyelids for one final time thinking, "Yes lady, it sounds more logical that I should understand you when Im dying."
 8.  The Spelling of L-O-G-I-C in a female dictionary is F-E-E-L-I-N-G
 9.  In no other place in this world is Amoeba and Dinosaur more profusely connected than in a female brain.
10. Who is important? Your guy or the micro-organism of your house's drainage system?
Interesting female reply: Ah... My guy is a superman, He loves me sooo much, He takes care of me and our kids, wins bread for us, protects us.... What does this little useless micro-organism mean to me? (Thinks for a while and then) Oh... No... Poor thing... I scolded it... Sorry... Did I say my guy is a superman??? I now revisit my answer and decide the opposite....The micro-organism is very poor.. Its hungry all the time... It needs care... It needs love... Who is there for it? Ah... Im the universal mother... So... I think the micro-organism is all the more important at this second than anyone.

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